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Jenn Justman

Jenn Justman teaches Preschool and Pre-K at Creative Discoveries. Jenn uses her background in child development, creative arts, and theater to produce joyful experiences in her classrooms. She has previously worked at the Vivian Olum Child Development Center. She’s also worked with kids as a vision therapist at Silver Falls Eyecare, and as an electives teacher at Sheridan Japanese School. Jenn’s passions include theater, music, sewing, and costume design. She also teaches Costuming at Imagine Children’s Theater in Happy Valley. Jenn has been playing and learning with children as her calling for 20 years, and she’s honored to be guiding your children now at Creative Discoveries!


Jenn's goal is to help kids discover their own voice and learning styles. She can't do that without you, parents! So please reach out any time to discuss your child's journey.


Lisa Houghton has retired from her position at Creative Discoveries Preschool with a wealth of experience. She worked in co-op preschools since 1999, first as a parent teacher and then as a teacher, and she taught at Creative Discoveries from 2006-2020.

Though she is no longer in the classroom, Lisa plays a vital role as a support, mentor, and friend to our school. We still feel her spirit loud and clear! We wish her a wonderful retirement. She earned it!

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